Planning Projects


Hubby and I have been enjoying some great late-night conversations about our visions and dreams for our family. Thinking more long-term about living in Lakeland has sparked a desire to do more with our home with long-term goals in mind. One of them, much to my own surprise is homeschooling. Another (hopefully unheated) topic for another day. While schooling is a long way off, some of the projects we want to do in our home make it necessary for us to keep homeschooling (and at the very least, our private tutoring) in mind.

I really want to attempt a workroom with these awesome shelves. In our “formal living room,” which is fairly small and houses a piano, there is an arched window. While, we are not incredibly fond of the golden tint, I do like that it’s arched and private.

Arched window in living room…future “workroom”

My vision is two arched bookshelves on each side with a window seat that opens for storage. In front of that, I’d like to add a pretty pedestal table for writing. But, first, we have a whole lot of projects on the ballot. We’re starting with manageable and inexpensive ones first. After Bella Bear’s first birthday party, I plan on stripping the wallpaper from my kitchen, which I neglected doing when we first moved in. We simply painted over it – a temporary fix. But, now I want to strip it and paint the kitchen and nook the same “French Blue” color. My June post-vacation project will be sanding, priming and painting our kitchen cabinets and built-ins a creamy white. Right now this is what we are dealing with:

Paint blue.

Old-school appliances

Switch fridge and oven so oven is next to cook top.

By the way, we call our home the Livesay Lodge because of this room:

The Livesay Lodge.

My ongoing project of organizing the too-high bookshelves.

And while I can’t bring myself to paint all that paneling, which is really trendy, I do want to 1) think about painting the backs of the bookshelves and 2) lighten up some of the other rooms. We also want to get new floors in the remainder of the house. We carpeted the bedrooms when we first moved in, but the rest of the floors are crazy. We think hardwood (or maybe laminate hardwood floors??) throughout will make the rest of our house cohesive. Right now it’s just not:

The Livesay Lodge is our lovely labor of love. Time to get to work!

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